Safety Training Session for Migrant Workers in Darj

“At the training center affiliated with the General Services and Sanitation Company, the team from ‘My Homeland’ Human Rights Foundation conducted an informative dialogue session today, November 17, targeting migrant workers from various nationalities such as Niger, Ghana, Mali, Burkina Faso, and Benin.

The session witnessed significant interaction as participants exchanged thoughts on the challenges they face and awareness about basic health issues. Paramedic Abdelsalam Hasen played a vital role in enriching the workshop, delivering an important training session. His contribution focused on providing essential health guidance and tips to migrant workers.

Osama and Adel organized this event and facilitated communication. They made tangible efforts in arranging and organizing all aspects of the event, serving as a backbone in facilitating communication between all participants and relevant parties advocating for the rights of migrant workers.

The event was distinguished by the presence of several prominent guests who contributed to enriching the session, including:

– Osama Al-Jilani, Youth Office, Derge Municipality
– Walid Tariqi, Volunteering Office
– Abdulfattah Al-Omaiani, Youth Parliament, Derge Municipality
– Abdalhakim Al-Jilani, Director of the General Services and Sanitation Company

The discussion mainly focused on how migrant workers can protect themselves while performing their duties by wearing appropriate clothing to mitigate risks. It also clarified how to easily and simply communicate with relevant authorities during risky situations.”